The Basics Referee School mission is to share the basic fundamentals of officiating on and off the court while inspiring everyone to be the best referee and person they can be at whatever level of basketball they officiate.

Violet Palmer, Director
Bennie Adams, Director
Chancy Jones, Coordinator
Terry Wilson, Asst. Coordinator


“Opportunity to learn from the best officials in the world."

“This is by far the best camp I’ve attended from the education to the atmosphere. It definitely lived up to the “hype” of being the best. I met amazing people and am thankful for the opportunity!"

"The information received is priceless, definitely the best camp in the country because the staff are all top tier officials as well as how informative it is."

"Violet made everybody feel comfortable as an assigner. Sometimes that is very hard for first time campers. When feeling comfortable that is when you can be your true free self."

"I have attended camps across the country, and this experience was truly elite. It helped me to elevate my game and to think at a very high level. This is 303 level training. Thank you!"